5 Best Wix Apps That You Can Install to Your Website for Free

One of the features I love about Wix is that you can quickly expand your website with apps. This helps you to make your website more appealing to your visitors.

There are all sorts of apps on the Wix App Market, and in this post, I list the 5 best free (?) Wix apps that you should install on your website. 


Before you continue reading the post, there are two things to remember.

First, this list is based on my personal opinion. Obviously, you can make up your own mind, and no one is stopping you from sharing your favorites in the comments area!

Second, the apps I’m listing here are free. However, if you have a budget, I encourage you to look at the premium versions of the apps that the Wix App Market provides. Why?  Because you have a more comprehensive selection of apps available, and the app quality is probably higher, too.

Anyway, let’s get started with the free Wix apps list.

So let's get started with the tour. The first feature I love is … wait for it … wait for it ...

1. Wix Get Subscribers

There are really two schools of thought when it comes to starting your email list: one says that you should begin as soon as you build your website, while others think that you should wait a bit until you get more traffic to your site.

I’m not taking sides here. All I’m saying is that when you are ready to build your email list, and you have a Wix website, you should probably install Wix Get Subscribers:

best free apps get subscibers

It’s an app that helps you to get the email addresses of your visitors and build your email list. By default, the email addresses are added to your Wix contact list, but you can also integrate Wix Get Subscribers to your MailChimp account.

This app contains plenty of features that you can use when building your email list:

best free apps get subscribers features
  • Get started with Wix Get Subscribers here.

2. Wix Pro Gallery

Have you ever wanted to display an image gallery on your Wix website? If so, Wix Pro Gallery is the solution for you.

best free apps wix pro gallery

You can add photos and videos to your gallery, add a sharing option to social networks, or fine-tune the quality of your photos:

wix pro gallery features

These are just some of the features with the app, and you have many more to choose from:

best free apps wix pro gallery features
  • Get started with Wix Pro Gallery here.

3. Google Event Calendar

You have a Google Calendar, but now you’d like to connect it with your Wix website. How do you do that? With Google Event Calendar, of course!

google event calendar

This app, as the name implies, integrates your Google Calendar to your Wix website. You can then customize the appearance of your calendar or tweak other settings as well:

google calendar settings

The setup is easy to do, and you can have your Google Calendar displayed on your Wix website in minutes.

google calendar month view

Google Event Calendar also contains plenty of features that give a great user experience for the website visitor:

Google Event Calendar Features
  • Get started with Google Event Calendar here.

4. Social Bar

Social media is an integral part of any website nowadays. At best, it can drive a lot of visitors to your website.

One way to work with social media is to add social media buttons to your site. And when you are using the Wix platform, the free option to use is the Social Bar:

Social Bar Overview

These buttons connect your website to a particular social media platform that you manage:

social sharing links

You can even add your own button images if you like:

Social Bar Featurespng
  • Get started with Social Bar here.

5. Wix Forum

There is one particular way that can increase website visitor engagement and bring a lot of visitors to your Wix website. I’m talking about the Wix Forum app.

Wix Forum Overview

This app contains features that you’ll need when running a forum on your website. For instance, you can define the forum moderators, set the permissions, or define the layout of your forum:

Wix Forum Features
Wix forums layout

Don’t get me wrong, running a successful forum requires a lot of work, and you have to plan your forum strategy carefully. But then again, if you decide to install a forum into your Wix website for free, Wix Forum is a good starting point.

  • Get started with Wix Forum here.

5 Best (?) Free Wix Apps: The Conclusion

As you can see, you can add great functionality to your website by using free Wix apps. There are, however, more apps to explore on the Wix App Market than what I have introduced here.

But now it’s your turn: please share your favorite apps in the comments area. I’m eager to learn more about them!