How to User Countdown Timer in Elementor Pro

The countdown timer in Elementor Pro is an effective tool for building excitement before something important is about to happen.


Perhaps your products have a special price that is valid for a short time. Or maybe you offer something for a limited time, and people have to take action fast to benefit from it.

Whatever the case is, a countdown timer is an excellent tool for building enthusiasm and urgency in your audience so that they take action now rather than later.

This video configures the countdown timer in Elementor Pro. I'll go through all the important settings so that you have a good understanding of what the widget is all about.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:53 Setting the design area and picking the Countdown widget
  • 04:23 The Content tab settings
  • 07:53 The Style tab settings
  • 16:18 Outro