Duplicate Post Plugin for WordPress: How to Create New Content Quickly

You are about to start writing yet another blog post, but you find the process a bit tedious. You are wondering, “Is there a way to make this process a bit easier?

If this is you, you sound like me. And yes, there is a way to make this process a bit smoother.

In this blog post, I present a neat plugin called “Duplicate Post,” a tool that has been part of my WordPress toolbox for years. And as well as showing you how to install the plugin, I also give you three alternative tools that help you with cloning your content.


Why You Should Use the Duplicate Post Plugin

Simple question, simple answer: to save your time.

The idea behind this plugin is to clone your existing content and help you to get started with a new piece of content much faster.

But installing the Duplicate Post plugin is not enough. 

The application will boost your blogging productivity. But to make the boost even more significant, you should also consider using templates.

No, I’m not talking about layout - I’m referring to a blog post template, a structure on how you build your content. Because the reality is, you’ll most likely create new content by following the same structure, over and over again.

The templates I use for my posts are nothing fancy, and they vary a bit, depending on which type of post I’m writing. For instance, here is a simple post structure that I could use if I wanted to:

test post template

This template is formed with the following structure:

  1. Blog post title
  2. Intro text
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Subheading
  5. Conclusion

Once I have created a template, I save it on my WordPress as a draft:

test template draft

When I start a new post, I click the Clone link to duplicate the post. And to enable the Clone link, I have installed the Duplicate Post plugin.  

Installation and Customization

Installing Duplicate Post is straightforward.

Just go to Plugins > Add New in WordPress and enter Duplicate Post in the search box on the right. When the search results pop up, you should see this plugin:

duplicate post plugin for wordpress

Click the Install Now button. After the installation is complete, the Install Now button text will have changed to Activate. Click the button again to activate the plugin.

Then go to Plugins > Installed Plugins, find the Duplicate Post plugin on the list and click Settings:

duplicate post settings

You can find the configuration for this plugin under three separate tabs:

  • What to Copy Tab

I have always accepted the default settings that you’ll see in the following image:

duplicate post custom settings

However, you can tweak the settings as you wish to include or exclude more items when you are duplicating content.

  • Permissions Tab

Here you can define which WordPress role has a right to duplicate posts and which post types this plugin is enabled for:

permissions tab
  • Display Tab

Finally, you have the display setting where you can define where the clone link is displayed:

display tab

As you can see, installing and configuring the Duplicate Post plugin is simple and can be done in minutes.

Alternative Plugins for Duplicating Content

When you go to the WordPress plugin directory, you’ll find few results for the search term “duplicate post”:

duplicate post search results

Here is a couple of Duplicate Post alternatives that you could also use:

1. Duplicate Page (free and paid versions)

duplicate page plugin

Use this plugin to duplicate pages, posts, and custom posts. 

If the free version is not enough, you can also upgrade to the inexpensive Pro version. The paid version gives you the following features:

page duplicator features

2. Post Duplicator (free)

post duplicator

You can duplicate posts, custom post types, custom taxonomies, and custom fields with this plugin.

3. Duplicate Post Page Menu & Custom Post Type (free)

duplicate page and post

With this plugin, you can duplicate not only posts or pages but menus and custom types, too. It is also possible to create multiple copies of a piece of content at once.

Duplicate Post Plugin: The Conclusion

Duplicate Post is a great little tool for improving your blogging productivity. And to improve the performance even further, I suggest that you also create a blog post template that you’ll use with the plugin.

Now it’s your turn: let me know in the comments section your favorite (and simple) tool for improving your blogging productivity.


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