How To Build Your Website In Days: 15 Best Elementor Themes & Templates

This is a guest post by Lana Miro.

Nobody wants to spend extra time on website customization. That’s why powering your website with Elementor builder is hot this year. With it, you’ll tap into simple WYSIWYG customization, which is so convenient that both web developers and rookies choose it without a doubt.


To get the most out of building your web presence with Elementor, take advantage of the new Elementor themes and templates. Today, we present you with 15 awesome Elementor-ready design kits for your web presence.

Elementor Themes

An Elementor theme suits to build a professional web presence from scratch. On average, an Elementor theme costs $75.

Elementor WordPress themes are all-in-one solutions. A theme offers you astonishing sample pages, strong website hierarchy, rich functionality and conversion-optimized design. With it, you get a batch of premium plugins and thematic imagery.

Elementor Templates

An Elementor template is a set of additional pre-designed content blocks for Elementor. The average price of it is around $15 - $20.

Unlike the themes, Elementor templates can be used to supplant your already existing website design. Once you upload the template to the library of presets, it won’t affect the existing content of your website. Then, open up your Elementor builder and you’ll see the new professional sections at your disposal. To use the template pages or sections, just drop them to the main area of the builder and add custom content.

In this post, we present 15 best themes and templates for Elementor. If you don’t find the item you like among them, do not hesitate to drop by Elementor Marketplace. You may also want to check out this Elementor tutorial on working with forms.

Monstroid2 - Modular Bestselling Elementor Theme


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The best-selling theme of 2019, Monstroid2 has accumulated 10K sales since its launch. The theme boasts of ultimate flexibility and customizability rarely met among WordPress themes.

With 20 unique hand-crafted skins, Monstroid2 lets you find the match for your company, personal or e-commerce website. Moreover, you’re no longer limited to using just 1 skin. Monstroid2 adds a Magic Button to Elementor. Just click it to add any page or section of another skin to your one. Exciting, isn’t it? In total, you have 500+ sections at your disposal.

Monstroid2 is so lightweight and swift, you can run it on any cheap hosting without a hitch. And it takes only 1.2 seconds to load Monstroid2. Finally, thanks to Jet Woo Builder plugin, you can work with WooCommerce pages just the same you work with the regular ones using Elementor.

Other features:

  • 9 Jet Plugins.
  • User-friendly Installation Wizard.
  • Create Custom Headers & Footers.
  • Spectacular Visual Effects.
  • WooCommerce.

Imperion - Marketing and Multipurpose Elementor Theme


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With its well-accomplished design, Imperion presents you all you need for a strong corporate web presence. Multiple skins let you choose your design variation, while powerful plugins ensure a gorgeous UX on your site.

Imperion features skins for digital agencies, service/product presentations, financial agencies, consulting firms and more. All the skins are polished to perfection, ensuring full responsiveness and high user engagement. Use Elementor to uncover additional content modules within JetElements addon. Use these modules to power eye-catching carousels, post sliders, brands showcases and more.

Thanks to Revolution Slider on board, you can create exquisite and immersive top sliders like an expert. With all the usable settings and fine-tuning options, Imperion’s interface is truly user-friendly. It lets everyone from experienced professionals to beginners to use it with confidence.

Other features:

  • Create Mega Menus with JetMenu.
  • All Images Included Free.
  • WooCommerce.
  • Cherry Plugins.
  • TM Timeline.
  • The Events Calendar.

Drenum - Financial & Business Minimal Elementor Theme


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Drenum is the new minimal template for consulting, finance and other businesses. It impresses with the cleanness of its design and well-thought elements employed to catch attention.

This Elementor theme comes with the full set of pages you may need to build your clean and successful website. You can freely edit the demo pages with WYSIWYG. For this, open up Elementor builder and take advantage of additional Jet Elements sections. Moreover, Drenum theme embraces the mobile-first paradigm and takes the responsiveness of your website up a notch.

All the images you see within the theme’s demo come as a part of the theme, freeing you from purchasing extra stock photos. Finally, the installation of Drenum with sample data takes around five minutes, during which you’re more than welcome to lay down and relax.

Other features:

  • 4 Jet Plugins.
  • Ecwid-ready.
  • WordPress Live Customizer.
  • WPML-friendly.
  • Google Fonts Integrated.

Globaly - Business All-in-one Elementor Theme


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Do you provide consulting services? Then, use Globaly to create a modern image of your enterprise on the web. You’ll rejoice at the theme’s design, which is ultimately professional and clean.

This theme features informative layouts that you can quickly populate with relevant information and imagery. Use the pre-designed pages of Globaly to inform about your services and achievements, showcase successful cases and much more.

Customizing the website to your needs is not a problem with Globaly. For example, with JetThemeCore plugin, you can create headers, footers, and special pages. JetTabs lets you power engaging tabs. JetElements jazzes up the palette of pre-built sections within Elementor. What’s more, Globaly is extensively documented to provide you with the needed guidance for theme customization.

Other features:

  • Ecwid-ready.
  • WPML-ready.
  • 24/7 Resourceful Support.
  • Bonus Images.

Speed - Multipurpose Internet Elementor Theme


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Speed is a classy Elementor theme for your software company and Internet services. It brings you sleek UI and streamlined UX, most popular Elementor visual editor and responsive Bootstrap framework.

With Elementor, you can give your website a sweeping revamp without having to touch a single line of code. Moreover, the theme comes with an impressive pack of custom sections, such as sliders, post carousels, post categories, calendars, social media blocks, etc. These sections allow you to display different types of website content and make your website more captivating.

Speed theme boasts of clean, valid and well-structured code and meets SEO-guidelines of search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Moreover, Speed is accompanied by a number of easy-to-follow documentation guides that walk you through the process of website customization in no time.

Other features:

  • 4 Jet Plugins.
  • WordPress Live Customizer.
  • WPML-ready.
  • Retina-ready.
  • Variety of Working Forms.

EPA Green - Environmental Protection Elementor Theme


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If you want to build a sound environmental protection niche web presence, give a try to this responsive and business-minded website design.

First of all, EPA Green brings you more than 10 ready-made pages for every need of your future site. Customizing these pages isn’t a complicated process thanks to Elementor builder and premium ready-made sections.  These sections are delivered to you within JetElements plugin, an exclusive add-on that you get with EPA Green.

EPA Green theme has an uncompromising responsiveness, fitting any screen size and form factor. The template also delivers you the breathing, immersive Parallax. This effect increases user engagement and forms positive browsing experience. Being fast and reliable, this theme knows no loading delays and makes browsing your website a streamlined and pleasing process.

Other features:

  • All Images Included.
  • LetBlocks, JetTabs and JetThemeCore.
  • Well-documented.
  • Ecwid-ready.
  • Valid and Clean HTML Coding.

Brian’s - Consulting Multipurpose Elementor Theme


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Brian’s is one of clear-cut and upbeat WordPress business templates for a reliable consulting business. This theme incorporates clean and well-thought layouts. The pages of it have a good visual hierarchy and storytelling structure. CTA buttons are placed with care and optimized for conversion.

Use Elementor to get the most of Brian’s theme customization. Elementor lets you add social buttons and widgets, interactive calendars, toggles and carousels on the fly with drag-n-drop. You don’t have to have any prior web design experience to manage this theme within the builder.

Brian’s theme is ready to incorporate an Ecwid store. So, if you feel like powering an e-store on your website, you can accomplish this task with ease. What’s more, web developers optimized the theme for performance, delivering you lightning-speed page loading with no delays.

Other features:

  • Back-to-top button.
  • Google Web Fonts.
  • Social options.
  • WPML-ready.

Itiner - Transportation Elementor Theme


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One of the finest themes you can find on the market today, Itiner transportation Elementor theme is a universal solution to power a transportation website of any kind in record time.

Itiner provides you with all the tools and sample content you need to start a trustworthy transportation website. Thanks to JetElements plugin, you don’t have to create your custom content sections from scratch. Thanks to this plugin, you get access to more than 40 ready-made section designs, including advanced carousels, animated boxes, pie charts, countdown timers, banners, etc.

Needless to say, Itiner theme comes with fast and hassle-free installation. Moreover, thanks to the responsive grid system, the theme fits all imaginable screen resolution and Retina screens.

Other features:

  • All Images Included Free.
  • WordPress Live Customizer.
  • Ecwid-ready.
  • Google Maps.
  • WPML-ready.

Markent - Digital Agency Jet Elementor Template


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Are you looking for incredible pages for your digital agency website? Markent features 5 well-accomplished pages that you can use to uncover all the information about your business with Elementor.

You can use these pages to build your digital agency website from scratch. Alternatively, you can add use the pages or section presets to supplant the interface of your already existing website. For better user experience, Markenе is equipped with the family of Jet Plugins. Use them to add outstanding widgets to your website or create your supreme custom layouts.

So, Markent couples eye-catching designs with technological innovation to deliver you all you need to build a modern site. With it, your site will have a solid look on all modern devices.

Wizarro - Business Consulting Jet Elementor Template

wizarro 1

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Wizarro template features the best designs for consulting and corporate websites. Its 5 pages are built by professional developers to create such a presentation of your products and services that converts.

It’s very simple to use Wizarro template for your project. You just have to import the files to access Wizarro’s unique pages and blocks within Elementor. If you already have any sample content on your website, installing Wizarro won’t affect it, and your progress won’t be lost.

Wizarro works with Elementor and Jet Family of plugins. That’s why you need no specific skills to customize your new website pages. You can accomplish all the customization in WYSIWYG mode taking advantage of the intuitive builder interface.

Imagus - Image Grid Sections Elementor Template


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Modern websites get the most out of imagery with the professional card, grid and masonry image blocks. Creating such designs without any presets is a time-consuming and skill-demanding task. Instead, you can use Imagus to power exciting sections with imagery.

Imagus delivers you 15 unique sections for image display. Customizing these sections within Elementor requires no coding expertise. All you need is to import the template file to your Elementor Library and fill the layouts with your imagery.  So, with Imagus, you’ll save a lot of your time with the easy-to-use ready-made blocks.

Please keep in mind that Imagus requires Elementor, JetTabs and JetElements plugins to display properly. Make sure that you install these plugins in advance.

Convetus - Post Slider Jet Elementor Template


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Want to make your website’s UI even more appealing? With Convetus, it will take no time to create exciting post sliders of different kinds. The new post sliders will boost user engagement and successfully streamline users to your website’s Blog section.

Installing and using Convetus is no rocket science. After you import the template to the library of presets, you can access all the block designs within it right in your Elementor dashboard. Then, pick the premade sections you like most and use drag-n-drop to add your custom content.

14 post slider sections included to Convetus are optimized for display on small, medium and large devices. Moreover, these sections are animated with cool CSS transitions and equipped with conversion-optimized CTA buttons. Finally, Convetus works with such plugins as Elementor, JetTabs and JetElements plugins to ensure the professional presentation of your slides.

Testiz - Testimonials Jet Sections Elementor Template


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If you want your business to be trustworthy, you can win over customers’ heart with testimonials. However, even the best-written testimonials will be ineffective if they aren’t wrapped attractively. Testiz template lets you built testimonials blocks like a pro without any coding skills.

With Testiz, you get 17 ready-made sections for Testimonials display. Using these sections, you can display single testimonials with or without imagery. Moreover, you can create animated carousels and sliders with customer reviews.

Needless to say, Testiz section design set will be a perfect match for any kind of a website. You can easily re-style the blocks within Elementor, to ensure that they match your brand identity and website design.

Labelex - Brands Jet Sections Elementor Template


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Labelex is a template for a modern display of brand logos. It delivers you 16 unique sections to show your Brands block to great advantage.

With Labelex, you’ll minimize the time you spend on designing Brands sections. At the same time, you’ll tap into the most successful Brands layouts, adding which to your website is a walk in the park. To take advantage of them, just upload the template to your library of Elementor presets. Then, choose the design you like most and add your brand logos with drag-n-drop.

Labelex relies on Jet Plugins to display properly. Moreover, this template employs intricate CSS transitions to make your site even more engaging.

Clokerum - Countdown Timer Jet Sections Elementor Template


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Use countdown timers to add a sense of urgency to your offers and stimulate conversions. With Clokerum, you’ll create invincible animated timers that increase the appeal of your site’s UI. You get access to 10 incredible section designs in total.

After you add this template to the library of Elementor presets, you can add timers to your website pages in a couple of clicks. Just choose the block design you like most, customize the text and set the needed date. You can also easily adjust the coloring and styling of the given countdown timer within the builder’s interface.

Over To You Now

You’ve just reviewed the best themes and templates for building a sound web presence with Elementor.

Have you ever worked with an Elementor theme or template? Would you rather go for a theme, a template or both? Share your thought in the Comments section below.

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