Jimdo Pricing: It’s Simpler Than You Think

This time I'm looking at Jimdo's pricing structure and its various plans. And based on my experiences of the platform, I have to say - especially when compared to Wix - that Jimdo pricing is different (in a positive way).


I think that there are still a couple of things to know about pricing, before subscribing to Jimdo. In fact, if you’d like to learn more about this online site builder, I encourage you to check out my Jimdo review I wrote earlier.

 But without any further ado, here’s what the Jimdo pricing is all about.

Jimdo Pricing Plans Introduced

Please Note: In this article, I was unable to display the Jimdo prices in USD, and that’s why this post displays euro prices only. If you live in the US, you’ll have to go to Jimdo's website, to see what these prices are in USD.

Currently, the plans with their respective features are as follows:

Jimdo pricing - all plans

Here is also a short rundown on each of them:


The free plan is great if you want to get familiar with Jimdo platform. It includes all the basic features, which are common to each plan (see more details about basic features later in this blog post).

But as with other free plans on other site builder platforms, this plan has certain limitations to it:

  • You have to display ads on your site.
  • You have to stick with the predefined jimdo.com domain.
  • You have 500 MB of disk space for your website.

If you don’t like any of these limitations, move over to the premium plans.

Here is the rundown of the features you get with the Free package:

Jimdo pricing - free plan

Premium Plans

If you are willing to invest some money into your website (which is something I strongly recommend!), you get more bang for your buck. And how much “bang” you get depends entirely on the money you are willing to put in.

The premium plan structure works the same way as with other site builders. In other words, hopping on to the higher price level includes the features that, the lower price plan has, but with added benefits (like more storage or some extra functionality).

Jimdo Pro

This package is geared towards your personal site or your creative project. It is also the first premium-level plan which doesn’t show ads on your site.

Jimdo pricing - pro plan

When you look at the pricing table, you may be wondering if any of the SEO capabilities are included in this plan, because the table doesn’t show any SEO features listed.

But rest assured, they are there, for instance, custom page URLs, SEO page titles or SEO page descriptions can be used to search engine optimize your site.

At the time of writing the plan costs 6.50e/month*.

Jimdo Business

The business plan is meant for entrepreneurs and businesses. It is the first premium level plan which has unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Jimdo pricing - business plan

One big difference between Jimdo Business and Jimdo Pro is that it includes an online store. This option includes features like no payment fees, different payment options (PayPal, Stripe …) or unlimited products.

At the time of writing, the plan costs 15.00e/month*.

Jimdo Platinum

According to Jimdo, this is “the ultimate package for your website or online shop.”

On top of having all the features of previous plans just mentioned, it also includes an expert website review. In other words, one of the Jimdo’s designers looks at your site and gives you personal feedback on how to make your online presence even better.

At the time of writing, the plan costs 25.00e/month*.

Jimdo pricing - platinum plan

*Annual prices.

All Basic Features

All Jimdo plans, from Free to Platinum, also include these features:

  • Professional templates: Various website templates to choose from.
  • Social media: Built-in tools for various social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Integrate your site with various social media outlets.
  • Mobile view: Your pages are responsive, to be viewed either on phones, tablets or through regular desktop browsers.
  • Blog: You can add a blog to your website.
  • Storage and Bandwidth: Disk space starting from 500MB (free plan) to unlimited.
  • Videos: Link videos (YouTube; Vimeo) to your content
  • Photo Galleries: Display photo galleries on your website.
  • Google Maps: Integrate Google Maps, to display your business location on the map.
  • Password-protected Areas: Protect specific areas of your website with a password of your choice.
  • Contact Forms: Let people contact you by using a contact form.
  • HTTPS Encryption: Encrypt your site with SSL. The certificates are taken care for you by Jimdo.
  • File Downloads: Upload files to your website, and let your visitors download the content to their computers.

7 Things to Know about Jimdo Pricing

While the Jimdo’s pricing is simple when compared to some of its competitors, there are still specific points to keep in mind:

1) The prices are listed as annual prices. Jimdo mentions this explicitly on the pricing page:

Jimdo Pricing - full page - annual prices

What this means is that you pay the payment upfront.

2) Currently, there is no month-to-month billing option.

3) To see the total price of the package for instance for one year, you’ll have to go to the checkout page (after picking your plan):

4) Prices include VAT (Value Added Tax). This information is stated on the checkout page (see the previous screenshot). You can also see the amount of VAT in the total price, too.

5) You can cancel your subscription within 14-days after making a subscription.

6) Even though there isn’t an app marketplace, you can still extend your site with third-party applications and services. These applications or services may have their own billing, which you have to take care of (in other words, Jimdo is not taking care of them for you).

For instance, if you sign up for MailChimp (email autoresponder service) and the number of email subscribers exceeds a particular figure, you pay a monthly recurring fee for this service.

7) You can build one website per plan. If you want to build additional sites, it means that you have to purchase additional plans.

Other Costs

You can extend your site with Jimdo Extras. These packages are related to domain names and email accounts.


Here is what Jimdo is telling us about the free domains: “if you are a Pro, Business and Platinum customer, you can register a new domain through Jimdo for free within the first contractual term.”

This is nice. However, keep in mind that after the first free year, you pay 20 euros per year for your domain.

But what if you want to register additional domains?  That can be done, too.

Jimdo has divided these additional domain plans into different categories:

  • Basic Domains
  • Premium Domains, Category 1
  • Premium Domains, Category 2

The basic domains include the most widely used domains, like .com, .net, and .org. It also includes some country-level domains, too.

Both premium-level domain packages (Category 1 and Category 2) contain more or less unusual domains, and I wouldn’t necessarily purchase them.

Keep in mind that the pricing also varies, depending on whether you buy the domain through Jimdo or another domain registrar, like NameCheap.

With Jimdo, buying a basic level domain costs you 20 euro per year, whereas the premium level domain costs between 50 euros and 100 euros per year.

As a comparison related to the basic level domain price, if I wanted to buy an imaginary address, TimosTriathlon.com, this is how much it would cost through NameCheap:

Domain name through NameCheap

Also, the yearly fee with NameCheap is roughly 9 euros (compared to Jimdo’s 20 euros per year).

As you can see, the price is lower if you register it elsewhere, or if it was registered earlier elsewhere, and you haven’t transferred your domain to Jimdo (you can use your already registered domain with your Jimdo site).

Email Accounts

Currently, there are no email accounts included in your Jimdo premium packages. However, you can buy email accounts, either one by one or in packages (one package contains ten email addresses)

The emails are priced (at the time of writing) are as follows:

Jimdo Email Accounts

One email account contains, for instance, 10GBs of storage, webmail, and spam/virus protection.

 However, there is no one stopping you from using external email providers with Jimdo, like Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365.

Jimdo Pricing: The Conclusion

Jimdo’s pricing is far more straightforward than its competitors’ pricing.

For instance, when you go to the pricing page, you’ll see most of the important pricing elements at once, without having to guess what is going on.

While the basic pricing is simple, additional costs are involved, depending naturally what type of package you choose, and whether you want to register additional domains or purchase email accounts. In this case, you can also choose third-party providers that are less expensive than what Jimdo has to offer.

But as always, try to keep in mind that these online site builders, like Jimdo, give you everything you need in one package, without having to worry about technical hassles. And if you happen to run into technical difficulties, you can always contact the customer support.

 Therefore, the pricing, even though it may be more expensive when you compare it to other website builder systems, is more than justified.