7 Premium Weebly Templates by Webfire Themes

You have had enough.

You started your Weebly website with enthusiasm, and you were happy with the look and feel of your site. You found a perfect theme for your site, and you got the whole website up and running in no time.


But now you feel bored. The site that once looked so fancy doesn’t appeal to you anymore. The only problem is, you don’t know where to find premium Weebly templates.

Pros and Cons of Webfire Themes Templates



  • Themes look clean and modern.
  • Lots of configuration options (depends on the theme, though).
  • Each template has a demo on Webfire Theme's website.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Your website might not look exactly like the demo on Webfire Theme's website. Expect to pay some extra to get the site look like the demo.
  • Customer support works, although it's a big slow.
  • The theme installation is not straightforward.

Introducing 7 Premium Weebly Templates by Webfire Themes

If you get bored with the Weebly template selection, I have some excellent news for you: there are a few premium Weebly themes marketplaces on the web where you can purchase the themes from.

In this post, we look at what one of these theme marketplaces, Webfire Themes, can offer us. I have included seven premium Weebly themes that are suitable for various industries.

What You See Is Almost What You Get

Webfire Themes have demo pages for each of their themes. When you scroll down to the bottom of the demo page, you’ll see this text:

demo content disclaimer

This sentence means that when you have uploaded a template to your Weebly website, it may not look like the demo.

For instance, with the Aria theme, I noticed that the footer and some other parts of the website changed, but my site didn’t look like the demo page. So if I wanted to have the “demo effect” on my Weebly website, I had to pay Webfire Themes to set up the website.

Webfire Themes Review

I have also written a detailed Webfire Themes review. Check it out as well!

1. Aria

aria theme

This theme is excellent for showcasing your business or even your startup app.

The theme contains many widgets for enriching your website, including image slider, drag-and-drop header bar, and tabbed content.

2. Holeon

holeon theme

Holeon is a one-page website theme. It’s ideal for a portfolio or creative website.

Features include parallax scrolling, an interactive portfolio, or a full-screen slider. Besides, this theme contains ten widgets to spice up your website.

Holeon also has a sister theme called Holeon Light.

3. Hexagon

hexagon theme

This premium template is ideal for corporate websites.

You can use a process widget, a testimonial slider, or image backgrounds to build your corporate identity.

4. Bework

bework theme

Are you a plumber, builder, or an electrician? Do you run a construction company? If so, Bework could be a perfect fit for you.

The Bework theme is built for the industries mentioned above, and it includes features such as Partner Slider, Portfolio Filter, or Animated Pie Chart. You can also customize the theme with various options. 

5. Gecko

gecko theme

Gecko is a minimalistic template that you can use to showcase your business.

It contains features like a carousel, animation header and plenty of configuration options to adjust your website’s look and feel.

6. Morph

morph theme

Morph theme is geared towards schools, creative agencies, and creative portfolios.

You can choose between different menu layouts, use a carousel or a portfolio slider, and even add a countdown timer.

The template contains 26 configuration options that you can use to tweak your theme.

7. Jonah

jonah theme

Jonah template is built for bloggers, web designers, and photographers. It’s an ideal theme for building your brand.

Display your services or add testimonials with this customizable theme.

The Cost of Premium Weebly Templates?

When purchasing Webfire Themes premium templates, you have two options: You can either buy them one at a time or subscribe to their monthly program, which gives you access to 20 themes on a monthly fee.

The individual templates cost between $35 and $45. However, if you choose the monthly billing option, you can access all current and future WebFire Theme’s templates. The cost for this plan is $29/month.

webfire themes pricing
One exception to the pricing is the Orbit theme, which is free. It is a coming soon/under construction type of template that you can use while your website is not accessible.

webfire themes orbit theme

If you plan to install multiple themes, the monthly subscription is far cheaper than purchasing individual themes.

Finally, if you want to cancel your subscription, it happens with a click of a button:

webfire themes cancel subscription

How to Install a Premium Webfire Theme?

With standard Weebly themes, the installation process is simple: just pick a theme with a couple of clicks, and you are ready.

But when you install a premium theme bought outside of Weebly, you must take some additional steps.

1. Login in to your Webfire account and pick a theme you’d like to install on your Weebly website. In this example, I chose the Aria theme and clicked Download:

aria weebly theme

2. Once the download is ready, you have a zip file (starting with the word PARENT) on your computer. Unzip the file, and you’ll see the install file (ARIA_INSTALL.zip in this case):

theme install file

3. Log in to Weebly and pick a website where you’d like to install this new theme. In my case, I chose one of my test sites:

change weebly theme nectur

4. Then I chose the Edit Website button.

edit weebly website

5. Choose Theme > Change Theme in Weebly Editor:

choose theme change theme in weebly

6. In the Theme Gallery page, choose Import Theme at the top-right.

7. In the Import Theme dialog, you’ll see the requirements for your theme. But when you install a theme from Webfire Themes, you don’t have to worry about these requirements. 

Just click Select a Theme button, and pick the zip file (the install zip file, like ARIA_INSTALL.zip) on your computer.

weebly import theme dialog
8. Once you have uploaded the theme, click Choose Theme:
choose theme

9. You have now installed a premium Weebly theme to your Weebly website.


  • Which Weebly themes are mobile friendly?

All the themes provided by Weebly are mobile-friendly. So are all the themes provided by Webfire Themes, too.

  • How do I customize my Weebly theme?

With the Webfire Themes templates, this depends on the theme.

For instance, with the Gecko theme, you find the configuration by going to the Weebly website editor, then choosing Theme > Theme Options.

Here is a partial screenshot of what the Gecko configuration options look like:

gecko theme options
  • How many templates does Weebly have?

Weebly has tens of themes. However, you should keep in mind that when you go to their theme repository, some themes exist in multiple categories. This classification may give you the impression that there are more themes available than there is.

  • How many templates do Webfire Themes have?

At the time of writing, there are 20+ themes on the Webfire theme repository.

  • How do I choose a Weebly theme?

Picking a theme happens in 6 steps:

1. Log in to your Weebly account and choose a website from the dropdown on the left:

choose weebly website

2. Once you have chosen a website, click the Edit Website button on top-right:

edit weebly website

3. Choose the Theme menu item at the top toolbar:

weebly theme menu

4. Under the Theme menu item, click the Change Theme menu to open the Theme Gallery:

change a theme weebly

5. Pick your desired theme, and select Choose at the bottom-right of the theme:

choose weebly theme

6. Once you have made all the changes to your theme, publish it by clicking on the Publish button at the top-right:

weebly theme publish

7 Premium Weebly Templates: The Conclusion

So there you have it, seven premium Weebly Templates by Webfire Themes. And when you head over to their website, you can find the rest of their premium themes.

Installing premium Weebly themes is simple, although you have to watch out for a couple of irrationalities. Also, keep in mind that what you see on the Webfire Themes template repository is the demo site. It requires some additional steps and further investment to get a similar Weebly website of your own.