Squarespace Pricing: Big Player, Big Price?

Squarespace is probably one of the best known online site builders. This New York-based company has been around since 2003, and currently it has over 700 employees. 

But what I’m mostly interested in is Squarespace’s pricing policy and how it compares with other site builders.


I’ll also look at what you are actually getting with the money you are investing into Squarespace, and what the true costs of using the service are.

Squarespace Pricing at Glance

Big company with smooth billing processes. 

The impression I got when writing this post was that Squarespace billing is handled professionally. And if you ever have a question, you can always refer to the online documentation or reach the website’s customer support.

It’s good to know that even the refunds are there (for annual plans) if you happen to change your mind. To get these, however, means that you have to act quickly (read the post to learn what I mean).

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  • Prices can be viewed in major currencies.
  • 14-day trial doesn’t require a credit card.
  • Getting to the plan cancellation page takes too many steps.
  • The only way to see the full price for the annual subscription is by going to the checkout page.

Plans Introduced

Squarespace plans are divided into two different main categories, and they are Websites and Online Stores. Websites category is further divided into Personal and Business plans, while the Online Stores contains Basic and Advanced plans.

Squarespace website plans
Squarespace ecommerce plans



Personal plan is the most inexpensive premium plan that Squarespace offers. At the time of writing this post, the monthly cost for the annual pricing was €11 per month ($12 USD per month) or €15 per month ($16 USD per month) + applicable taxes if you choose the month-to-month billing option.

Squarespace personal plan

This package gives you the basic features you need to put yourself or your brand online. For instance, it contains these features:

  • Unlimited pages/galleries/blogs with unlimited bandwidth.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Free custom domain (with an annual plan purchase).

But what happens if you crave for better customization options through JavaScript and CSS? Then you switch over to the Business plan.


Business plan is the more expensive web hosting plan that Squarespace offers. At the time of writing this post, the monthly cost (annual) for this plan was €17 per month ($18 USD per month) or €24 per month ($26 USD per month) + applicable taxes if you choose the month-to-month billing option.

Squarespace business plan

On top of getting all the features that Personal plan offers, the Business plan also gives you these features:

  • Fully integrated e-commerce.
  • Premium integrations.
  • Complete customization through JavaScript and CSS.


Are you getting serious with eCommerce? This is when the eCommerce packages come in. 

Currently, Squarespace provides two plans dedicated for eCommerce. However, keep in mind that the Professional plan also contains some eCommerce features.



The entry-level eCommerce package gets you started with building an online store. 

At the time of writing this post, the cost (annual) for this plan was €24 per month ($26 USD per month) or €28 per month ($30 USD per month) + applicable taxes if you choose the month-to-month billing option.

So, what do you get with this price? These features:

  • Unlimited products.
  • No transaction fees.
  • Customer accounts.

Once again, if you want more, and you think that this plan is too limited, you can check out what the Advanced plan has to offer.



At the time of writing this post, the cost (if the annual subscription is chosen) of this plan was €36 per month ($40 USD per month) or €42 per month ($46 USD per month) + applicable taxes if you choose the month-to-month billing option.

But what do you get with this most expensive Squarespace plan? Well, for instance:

  • Real time carrier shipping.
  • Gift cards.
  • Order API to build custom integrations with third-party systems.

Other Costs

Squarespace Integrations

Squarespace sites are extendable with integrations. These integrations are listed on Squarespace’s support section.

While most of the integrations are free, there are some which cost you money. In these cases, the billing is handled by the third-party, and not by Squarespace.

Currently, integrations like G Suite by Google, Xero, ShipStation, or MailChimp (excluding the free plan) are billed separately by these providers.

Registering a New Domain

You might want to register a new domain for your site. This is possible either through an expensive or inexpensive route.

The expensive route is using Squarespace. For instance, when you search for your preferred domain through them, you might get these kinds of results:

Squarespace domain search

In this case, the .com domain costs €17 per year ($20 USD per year).

However, if you search for this very same domain through NameCheap (my favorite domain registrar), the price is €9.31 per year ($10 USD per year).

NameCheap domain search

So, why not register the domain elsewhere and hook it up to your Squarespace site?

6 Things to Know About Squarespace Pricing

While Squarespace pricing is usually clear, there are certain things I’d like to point out.

1) The monthly prices are listed with the assumption that you’ll choose annual billing. This is a standard practice on every sitebuilder I have seen so far. And yes, you pay more if you choose the month-to-month billing cycle.

2) There is a 14-day free trial. However, after your upgrade to a paid plan, only then does your site become visible on the Internet. What’s nice is that you don’t need to enter credit card information for your free trial.

3) You can see the plan prices with different currencies by choosing a different currency at the end of the page:

Currency switcher

4) The checkout page is the only way to see the full annual price for a chosen subscription.

5) You get a full refund if you cancel an annual subscription within 14-days from when you purchased it. There are other rules related to refund policies, and you can read them here

6) As with other site builders I have tested, you can build one site per subscription. Every additional site requires a new plan subscription.

Accessing Your Billing Information and Cancelling the Active Subscription(s)

You can cancel the billing through your own account pages. While this is nice, I still think that Squarespace should improve the workflow for this practice, as too many steps are needed.

First, you’ll access the particular site that you’d like to see the billing for. You do this by clicking the Account information:


From there, click Sites:

Billing sites

When in Sites section, choose the site from which you’d like to access information. Then, on the left, click Settings > Billing & Account > Billing, to see your current billing.

Under Subscriptions, you can choose Website. To proceed with the canceling process:


Finally, on this page, you can cancel the plan if you want to:


When you cancel, you’ll be asked to provide a reason why you are doing so. This is, fortunately, not mandatory:

Cancel subscription

Finally, on the confirmation page, you’ll see the details of your subscription and whether you get a refund:

Cancel subscription - confirm

I was testing the month-to-month plan, so I didn’t get a refund. This was according to the rules of Squarespace, and I knew this up-front.


I haven’t yet encountered pricing, which would be “perfect” in every sense of the word. I think that it’s the same thing with Squarespace.

I found the currency changer a nice way to see prices in various currencies. Also, I liked the fact that there was a 14-day trial and that you didn’t need to enter your credit card information to start the trial.

There are some things I’d like to see improved, though. 

For instance, I felt that the whole plan cancelling process required too many steps. Why not just put the billing information directly under a menu, where you can access your personal information?

Also, seeing the full price of the annual subscription means that you’ll have to go to the checkout page first. I think that this, too, requires too many steps.

In total, since this is a big company, the pricing process is transparent and easy to understand. And even if you have any questions regarding the billing, you can always ask the customer support for help.