Ucraft Pricing: Is it Competitive Enough Against Its Rivals?

Pricing is always an interesting topic when it comes to online site builders. 

First, if the price is high, you may be wondering, “what do I get if I pay this high price?” and “is the price is justified?”

On the other hand, if the price is too low, you may wonder, “is the quality of the site builder high enough?” or “are there hidden costs involved somewhere?”


The question is about the balance: Can you find a site builder with high-quality components, but also with a price point which doesn’t tax your wallet too much?

In this post, we’ll look at Ucraft pricing, and see, whether it can compete with its competitors when it comes to pricing.

Ucraft Pricing at Glance

Simplicity in action - I guess that how you could describe Ucraft pricing 🙂

Just one free plan, and one website plan to choose from. In addition, if you'd like to run an online store, you have three plans to choose from.

What's pleasantly surprising is the current price level. At the time of writing, the Website plan is 6 dollars per month (approximately 5 euros per month), and the eCommerce plans start from 13 USD per month (approximately 11 euros per month).

Although there are certain improvements I'd like to see in their pricing (read the post to learn more ;)), what you get with the money you pay, is great.

The simple plans and simple pricing left a good impression of Ucraft.

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  • Simple plans, simple pricing.
  • The inexpensive website plan (at least when compared to other online site builders).
  • The annual and month-to-month prices are easy to find/see.
  • No totally free website plan.
  • You have to go to the checkout page to see the full annual price.
  • Prices are displayed in US dollars only.

Plans Introduced

Please Note:Ucraft displays prices only in USD dollars on their pages. The Euro prices shown in this article are approximate estimates. I got them by using a currency converter (with a currency rate that was in effect at the time of writing, in June 2018)

Currently, the plans that Ucraft offers, are the following:


Landing Page

This plan is perfect if you want to get familiar with Ucraft site builder. 

With this plan, you can create a one-page website (a landing page) for free. Although this account doesn’t help you to build a full-blown website (it’s one page, after all), it should give you the basic idea how Ucraft operates.

This plan contains the following features, such as:

  • Free hosting.
  • SEO options.
  • Support.

There are still limitations to this plan, though. 

I already talked about it being a one-page site, although you would normally crave for more. But on top of that, you’ll have to display a Ucraft watermark on your page. 

Also, there is a support option, but according to the pricing page, this is probably not going to be 24/7 support (pricing page lists support as one of the features on this plan, whereas on paid plans, the support is mentioned to be 24/7).

If you think that Landing Page plan is too limiting, you can move over to Ucraft’s paid plans.

Now, here are the features that Landing Page package offers:

Landing Page


This plan is the only website plan Ucraft offers at this point. This type of offering is different when compared to other site builders, which may have multiple website plans for their customers.

The plan is not expensive since the price is $6 (~ 5€) / month when you pay annually or $8 (~ 7€) / month when you pay the subscription monthly.

When you upgrade to this plan, you get the features that the Landing Page plan contains, as well as the features that are specific to the package.

Website Plan


eCommerce packages are ideal for someone who wants to start an online shop. These packages come in three flavors. First, there is the entry-level plan that you see on the main pricing page:


However, when you click “More Plans” link at the bottom, you see all the eCommerce packages:

Ecommerce Plans

The entry-level eCommerce package gets you started with building an online store. It gives you fewer products than the higher-cost packages. 

However, the more you are willing to pay per month (when upgrading your eCommerce plan), the more you are going to get. For instance, with the Unlimited plan, you get unlimited products, whereas this option is not possible with the less expensive plans.

In general, the plan structure with eCommerce packages follows the standard formula: with the entry-level package, you get specific features, while with the higher-ticket plans, you get all the same features as the less expensive plans, but with plan-specific features and benefits.

At the time of writing the eCommerce plans (eCommerce) start from $13 (~ 11€) / month if paid annually, to $60 (~ 51€) / month (Unlimited), if you have chosen the annual payment.


You can expand all Ucraft plans with Apps. In other words, these are extra functionalities that give you new features, or even enhance the user experience. Currently these apps are provided with free of charge:

  • Templates: Choose a template for your website. Enables you to change the template in the middle of the design process.
Ucraft Template Switcher
  • Logo Maker: Create a logo for your business.
Logo Maker
  • SEO App: Enhance the visibility of your pages in the eyes of search engines.
  • Designer Tools: Gives you more power to control the look and feel of your site.
Designer Tool
  • Articles: Enables the blogging component on your site.
Ucraft Articles

7 Things to Know About Ucraft Pricing

Ucraft pricing pleasantly simple when compared to some of its competitors. Just keep these things in mind:

1) The prices are listed as annual prices. On the other hand, the prices are more expensive if you choose the month-to-month billing cycle.

2) There is no completely “free forever” website plan available, although there is a free trial (see point #4).

3) To see the total price of the package of an annual plan, you’ll have to go to the checkout page:

Total Annual Price

4) After choosing a plan, you start a 14-day free trial. Only after this time has passed, your credit card will be charged.

5) There is a money-back guarantee within 14-days if you are not satisfied to Ucraft.

6) You can extend your site with third-party applications and services. These applications or services may have their own billing, which you have to take care of yourself.

7) You can build one website per plan. If you want to build multiple sites, it means that you have to purchase a new subscription / new website.

Other Costs

There can be other costs, when operating your Ucraft sites. In this case, this can come in a form of purchasing new domain names.


According to Ucraft, you can hook your own existing domain for your site on Ucract for free. But if you want, you can also purchase a new domain through them, too.

When I compared at the domain pricing, they looked to be pretty much the same as if you register the domain through an external registrar (the provider I use is NameCheap.

Ucraft also provides one free domain if you purchase an annual subscription of any of their plans.


Accessing Your Billing Information and Cancelling the Active Subscription(s)

It's actually very easy to access your billing information.

First, go to your account information:

Ucraft account information

Then, click the Subscriptions link. This shows you the active subscriptions you have. On this page, you can then click the arrow pointing right, to see information related to a particular subscription:

Ucraft Account Subscriptions

For instance, after clicking the arrow, I can see my current subscriptions, I can even cancel the subscription by clicking the Cancel button:

Ucraft Account Cancellation


There are both pros and cons when it comes to Ucraft pricing. I’ll start with the pros first. 

First, the packaging is simple: there is one free plan (Landing Page), which is excellent for testing purposes. 

If you happen to upgrade to a premium plan, there is only one plan to choose one (Website). If you would then like to start an e-commerce store, you have three options to choose from.

Second, the pricing (at least with the Website plan) is competitive when compared to other site builders. 

The price is $6 (~ 5€) / month when choosing an annual billing option and $8 (~ 7€) / month if you choose the month-to-month billing (at the time of writing).

Finally, you can easily see the annual versus month-to-month prices. It’s obvious, that when paid annually, you have to invest more money upfront. Then again, the subscription, when paid month-by-month, is going to be more expensive.

Now, there are certain things I would like to see improved regarding Ucraft pricing.

First, it would help to see the prices both in USD and Euros (it wouldn’t be that difficult to implement).

I didn’t see any mentions about the guarantee before I got to the checkout page. Perhaps this should have been brought up a little bit better, as the guarantee would be a better selling point for Ucraft.

Total Annual Price

Finally, it would also be helpful if I could see the annual price up front without having to go to the checkout page. This would improve the customer experience as well.