Webfire Themes Review – The Best Premium Weebly Themes Provider (July 2020)?

If you have used an online site builder in the past, you know that they all provide themes that you can use on your website. However, what if none of the themes look good to your eye?

In this article, I give you a detailed Webfire Themes review. 

Webfire Themes is a premium Weebly themes marketplace. It’s one way to find premium themes if you don’t like the themes that Weebly offers you.

I updated this post on July 28th, 2020.


Webfire Themes Review at Glance

  • How to Install a Webfire Theme: ***.5
  • Customer Support: ***.5
  • Plans and Pricing: *****
  • Overall: 4.0
  • Verdict: Exciting premium Weebly themes provider - Get themes here!



  • Modern themes.
  • Configuration options that help you tweak the themes even further.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • You can test each theme on Webfire Theme's website.
  • Customer support could be quicker.
  • The theme installation (membership) should have better instructions.
  • It would be nice to see who is behind this service.
  • The Contact Us link takes you back to the front page of Webfire Themes.

A Tour Around Weebly Themes

When you use Weebly, you’ll notice that it provides a certain number of themes that you can use on your websites. Themes are divided into seven categories:

Weebly themes marketplace

However, one theme can exist in multiple categories. Considering that Weebly is one of the biggest online builder platforms, it’s a shame that it provides so few themes by default.

There is a demand for additional Weebly themes, and you can find these themes - either for free or by purchasing them.

What Is Webfire Themes?

There is one particular Weebly theme marketplace that you should look at when searching for premium Weebly themes. And that is Webfire Themes:

weebly themes webfire themes marketplace

At the time of writing, it provides 20 themes, ranging from free to $45 (approximately 40 EUR). With this investment, you get the theme and some widgets that are part of the template.

For instance, if you purchase the Jonah theme, it includes the following items:

  • Image Slider
  • Services Slider
  • Parallax Sections
  • Testimonial Slider
  • Footer
  • Social Icons
weebly themes jonah webfire themes

There are even more theme-specific features that can make the Webfire Themes more interesting to you.

For instance, this is what you get with the Jonah template:

webfire themes features

With every theme, you can view a demo, to see if it’s suitable for you:

weebly themes jonah demo

A live demo should give you a better idea of how the theme functions and how it looks.

My First Impressions of Webfire Themes

Whenever I’m testing a product or a service, I want to see the faces behind it. This factor gives me more credibility about the service. 

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case with Webfire Themes, as I wasn’t able to find any “faces” on their website.

Still, I noticed that there were plenty of encouraging testimonials that people had given, so Webfire Themes was doing something right. 

I could also find the showcases section, which showed the websites that had used Webfire Themes themes:

Webfire Themes Showcase

So even though the service remained “anonymous” to a certain point, these two factors assured me that this service was a place that I could trust.

How to Install Webfire Theme

Installing a Webfire theme is easy if you purchase a single theme from their website. But it’s more complicated if you are their monthly subscriber.

Here is what I mean.

As soon as you have finished your purchase, you get installation instructions to your email. Then, by clicking on the link on the email:

jonah instructions
For this review update, I joined their monthly subscription program to test it out. And when I logged in to my membership area, I could see all the themes just fine:
webfire all themes

When I clicked the Download button, I got one zip file on my computer. I immediately thought this file was the one I should upload to my Weebly website. 

Not so.

After sending a ticket to customer support, they instructed me to unzip the downloaded zip file and upload the installation zip file into my Weebly site.

I now know how the installation process works, but Webfire Themes should explain it better on the theme download page.

Theme on Your Site May Look Different From a Demo Site

After you have installed a theme from Webfire Themes, your Weebly website may not look the same as the theme demo page.

For instance, with the Jonah theme, when you customize the images and the rest of the content, the website will look very different from what you see on the demo page.

There is a way to get your site to look like the demo site, if that’s what you want. Read more about this option in the Pricing section.

How to Install a Theme:

Installation should be easier, especially if you are a monthly subscriber to their theme. But if you purchase a single theme, you get the proper instructions to follow. 

Remember that after installing a premium theme, your website may look very different compared to the one on their demo site.

Customer Support 

Webfire Themes support comes in two flavors: Standard and Premium:

webfire support

You can use the Standard option when you have questions related to the themes, for instance. 

Premium support is for those who have a Premium membership. This option should put your tickets at the top of the queue. However, this option didn’t work. It would have been great if the theme provider indicated this on their site.

On top of using the email support, you also get proper documentation on how to install and change your theme:

Webfire Themes Instructions Portal

The email channel was the only way to contact the support person at Webfire Themes.

Based on my experiences with the standard support level, the response was slower than before, although helpful. But then, at some point, I got this email from the support:

customer support status update

Their ticket queue had grown too much, and that’s why the response times were slow. 

At least, I was happy that they informed me this was the case. But I also hope that Webfire Themes gets the resource matter fixed soon.

Customer Support:

The Premium support didn’t work at the time. They had too much on their plate at that time. But at least they informed me about this.

Their replies were helpful, although the response times were slow.


Theme pricing is affordable.

If you purchase a single template, it costs anywhere from free (one template) to $45 (approximately 40 EUR). You can always become a Premium member which costs $29 per month (about 26 EUR per month):

webfire premium membership

What they also offer is the theme setup service

Starting from 99 USD (approximately 84 Eur), they set up a website for you that looks almost like the demo site. This service is naturally a great time saver if you don’t want to configure the website yourself.


Consider investing in the monthly subscription if you purchase more than one theme.

Pricing and billing were transparent, although 

The Webfire Themes Review Conclusion: Should You Purchase Your Weebly Themes from WebFire Themes?

As I stated at the beginning of this post, Weebly only comes with a limited number of themes. Therefore, it is great to learn that external Weebly marketplaces exist.

The theme purchasing process from Webfire Themes was smooth for a single theme. I was also hoping there were more instructions on how to set up the theme if you are a subscriber.

The support worked, although they had some resource issues that slowed down the response times. 

Finally, the pricing of these premium themes wasn’t that bad at all. So if you purchase more themes from them, consider joining their monthly subscription program.

Aside from these mentioned quirks, give Webfire Themes a try. At least test the themes on their website first. You can then see if they are suitable for you.