6 Wix Advantages and Disadvantages That You Should Be Aware Of

The fact is, you can’t attract everyone, and this is the case with online sitebuilders too. 

There are currently many of them competing for your attention, and Wix is one of them. It is the biggest player in the market, but still, it’s not everyone’s choice.


In this post, I cover six Wix advantages and disadvantages you should know. I have come to know these by using the platform, and they could help you to decide whether or not the platform is a good fit for you in your next project.

Three Wix Advantages

I have to be totally honest with you; I hated writing this section of the blog post.


Because Wix has plenty of cool things that I had to drop out (remember, the goal is to list only three advantages). Then again, these are the points I most often mention when I talk about Wix.

1. Wix App Market

wix app market frontpage

I bet that you have used app marketplaces before.

For instance, if you have an Android or iOS smartphone, you can expand the functionality of your phone by downloading new applications from various stores or markets.

The Wix App Market is an app store but meant just for Wix. And the idea is the same as with the phone equivalents: to install applications that somehow extend your Wix websites.

So, how do you get started with the Wix App Market?

Well, open your current site in the editor and click the Add Apps icon on the left:

wix advantages disadvantages wix app market

Then, the view to the App Market opens:

wix advantages disadvantages app market open

You can then take an overview of the app. 

wix advantages disadvantages app market features

On top of the app name, you can also see:

  1. How many reviews it has got.
  2. Is the app a free or a premium one?
  3. How many downloads it currently has.

If you are convinced that this particular app is a good fit for your website, hover over the thumbnail and click the blue Add to Site button. Your application is then installed to your website.

wix advantages disadvantages app market app installed

Your job is then to tweak its settings so that the app fits into your site nicely. 

If you prefer learning more about the installation process through video, I have recorded one on how to use the Wix App Market:

2. Wix ADI

When I was a kid (and yes, this was a long time ago), I saw these futuristic movies, where artificial intelligence (AI) ruled the world, and humans were underdogs.

Crazy times!

We are now living in the 21st century and AI - thank goodness, doesn’t rule the world. And I guess it’s better that way. Instead, it’s our servant, for instance, by automating repetitive and boring tasks.

So, it’s no wonder that AI technology has entered the web builder space as well. And in the case of Wix, it’s Wix ADI, where the ADI acronym stands for Artificial Design Intelligence.

In short, you give the Wix engine some parameters and based on those, it creates the website for you in a matter of minutes. So, no need to spend months planning and creating a website!

Of course, what you get is not necessarily the same thing as when you build a custom-made website from scratch. But I believe that the AI is still going to be a big thing in the future (also, if the web builders are concerned).

How do you get started with Wix ADI, then?

Well, when you start creating a new website, and after you have chosen the proper category for it, you are asked to choose from two options:

wix adi

There, choosing the ADI option gets you started with the AI goodness. You then get to answer some questions about what you’d like your website to be like.

For instance, when I chose blog as my website type, the AI wizard asked me some additional features I’d like to include with it:

wix adi blog features

Finally, after going through all the steps, you have your website almost ready:

wix adi blog ready

So, why did I say almost ready? 

Well, because unless you want to publish your website without making any modifications to it (like making the look and feel to follow your brand), you’ll have to make necessary changes until you can really publish the website.

And by adjustments, I mean the content, images and such things that actually make sense to you or your business.

I have also created a Wix ADI video, which walks you through this whole process. So take a look at it to learn more about how the Wix ADI works:

3. Plenty of Website Templates to Choose from

One of the great things about Wix is the abundance of website templates you can choose from.

You have two ways to access “template heaven.” First, you can navigate directly to the template selection page and browse through the templates. 

Another way to access them is when you create a new website. When you initiate the creation process, choose the editor option on the right, and you are on your way to picking a template:

wix templates selection

Next, the template page opens and you can browse it by category:

wix template page

Hover over any of the templates, and you can view how it looks like. Alternatively, you can also pick the template that you’d like. It is then loaded into the editor:

wix template selected

Then, it’s your job to tweak it according to your needs. And when that’s done, hit publish, and your new shiny website is live.

Oh, one more thing. I mentioned that you have “plenty of website templates to choose from.” I really meant that.

Currently, the template marketplace contains over 500 designer-made templates that you can use on your projects. You can also create landing pages if you want. 

And if you are not happy with any of the templates, Wix provides blank templates, so that you can start creating a customized template for your website.

Three Wix Disadvantages

Yes, Wix contains plenty of cool features. But like any website builder, it also has these disadvantages. 

So, why am I listing them here? 

Because it’s fair to you. The thing is, when you are picking a website builder for your next project, you should know that there are always two sides of the coin. 

So, what are these cons, then?

1. No Chat Support

One of the improvements that Wix should do right away is to add chat as one of their contact channels.

Currently, there are three main ways to get help:

  1. Help Center (aka the knowledge base).
  2. Support Ticket system.
  3. Phone (callback).

Wix Help Center is your first stop when seeking help. It’s basically a knowledge base, containing a plethora of support material created for you. And it’s the place that Wix is pushing you towards when you are looking for help.

wix help center

However, if you are unlucky with the Help Center, you then have two options:

wix ticket phone

You can either submit a support ticket or request a callback for getting phone support.

These channels are indeed nice, but still … where is the chat channel option? 

It is, after all, a modern way to get answers to your questions fast without having to wait for a call, an answer to your ticket, or get lost in a sea of knowledge base articles.

So currently, if you are expecting chat support, I have bad news for you. But hopefully, Wix announces its availability someday.

2. The UI Is Cluttered

Wix is known for the abundance of features on its platform, but even if this a great selling point, it can also turn against itself.

The problem with Wix is that there is too much going on in the UI. In other words, when you open your website in an editor, you have quite a few menus to absorb and understand what they do:

wix ui

Not only do you have menus floating around; you can also utilize the right-click of the mouse to get even more options. And when you click the menu items, you get more things to ponder:

wix ui add

Compared to some other online sitebuilders, their UI is indeed cluttered. But here is the universal truth you already know: the more you do something, the better you become at it and the easier it becomes. 

This same logic applies to the Wix editor, too.

3. You Can't Change the Template Once You Have Chosen It

One of the biggest nags I have about Wix is the inability to choose another template for your project after you have initially picked one.

In an ideal world, you make a decision, and you stick to it. But then again, we don’t live in an ideal world. We are humans, and we can change our minds.

So, no template switcher for you, if you have chosen Wix as your platform. This is one of the features I’d desperately like to see in the future.

6 Wix Advantages and Disadvantages: The Conclusion

You have now seen a total of 6 Wix advantages and disadvantages. This is, however, my list, and your personal list could be different.

But here is what I’d like you to do next.

In the comments area, mention your favorite (and not so favorite) features of Wix. I have told you mine; now it’s your turn.


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