Wix Pricing: Some Things Might Surprise You!

Ok, ok; I understand what you are thinking right now: “Wix pricing is probably the most boring topic on earth; why write a blog post about it?” And you are right - it is a boring topic.

Yet, the prices you see on the Wix pricing page are just one part of the story, and there can be other costs involved when you build a site on the Wix platform. Knowing this in advance is essential before your next credit card bill arrives.

I hope that this post clarifies the pricing topic.


Plans Introduced

Please Note: In this article, I was unable to display the Wix prices in USD, and that’s why this post displays euro prices only. If you live in the US, you’ll have to go to Wix website, to see what these prices are in USD.

There are total of five Wix pricing plans available, ranging from 4.50€ to 24.50€ per month. On top of this, they also offer a free plan.

The free plan is helpful since you’ll get an idea what the Wix platform is all about, and how it works. It could also help you clarify what features you want to have on your site if you decide to upgrade to a premium plan later.

 Currently, the Wix pricing plans with their respective features are as follows:
Wix pricing plans

Here is also a short rundown on each of them:


This plan, as mentioned, is free, and you can use it to get familiar with the Wix platform. I wouldn’t necessarily build a production site on top of this plan since there are a couple of limitations to it.

For instance:

  • You have to display the Wix logo on your site.
  • You can’t use your own domain (the domain is in format username.wixsite.com).
  • 500MB of disk space and up to 500 MB of bandwidth.
  • If you don’t like any of these limitations, move over to the Wix premium plans.

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Wix Premium Plans

On a generic level, all these plans stack their functionality on top of each other.

In other words, when you hop on to the higher price range/plan, you get the same features as the lower price range plan has, but with an upgrade (for instance, more storage), added with some extra goodies specific to that plan (like an online store).

> Connect Domain: This is probably the most confusing plan of the bunch, and I wouldn’t run a production site on top of this either (another plan like this is the Free one).

Although the price (at the time of writing) is 4.50€/month and it is considered as premium plan, you still have to display Wix logo on your site.

Even though you can connect your own domain to this plan, I can’t find any reason for displaying ads on your site. Then again, if you voluntarily want to display them on your site, that’s another story.

> Combo: This plan is meant for personal use. It is the cheapest plan on the Wix platform with which you don’t have to display ads. Also, you get a free domain, more bandwidth than with Connect Domain, and a customized favicon (that either you create yourself or outsource the creation for someone else).

> Unlimited: This plan has something “unlimited” in it, and that is the bandwidth! Also, with Unlimited plan, you get 10GB of storage, Form Builder App, a Site Booster app and a free domain as part of the package.

> eCommerce: E-commerce package, as it states, is a plan where you can create your online store. On top of that, you get 20GB of storage.

> VIP: The most expensive Wix pricing plan adds some extra features that eCommerce doesn’t have, and it costs 24.50€ per month. In addition to getting 20GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and an online store, you also get ten email campaigns per month and a professional site review.

On top of all the features, premium plans also include

  • Free hosting
  • Domain connection
  • 500MB+ Storage
  • Google Analytics
  • Premium support
  •  No setup fees

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That’s Not All: Wix Business Solutions Plans

To make things more complicated, there are plenty of other plans that you can subscribe to, based on your needs.

To keep things simpler, I only introduce Wix Stores plans and give you only a brief description of the rest of the options you have considering Wix Business Solutions.

Wix Stores Pricing & Plans

This plan is for creating an online store which enables guests to make purchases.

Wix has its own dedicated set of eCommerce plans (Store plans). If you are truly serious about running an online store, you might want to check these out:

Wix Pricing - Ecommerce plans

> Basic Store: This is the starting point for online stores. It’s a plan with features like online payments, no Wix ads, 100% commission free platform, unlimited bandwidth and 20GB of storage.

> Unlimited Store: This plan gives you some extra features that the Basic Store plan doesn’t. In other words, you get more storage (35GB), two premium apps, 20 email campaigns per month and 50,000 emails/month.

> VIP Store: Getting serious about your online business? Then VIP store could be for you. It includes things like priority response, SEO expert review, professional store review, and VIP support. All this on top of Unlimited Store plan.

One thing that caused my curiosity was the difference between priority response and VIP support features.

After digging around, I found out that the VIP support gives you one-on-one personal support, while the priority response gives you, well, priority response when you submit your ticket to their queue.

> Super Store: Even if the VIP Store plan wasn’t enough, there is still one plan that goes above all: Super Store plan. You get the things you would get with VIP Store, but also 1,000,000 emails/month, unlimited campaigns per month and Wix Business Solutions package.

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Wix Restaurants

Run a restaurant on top of your Wix plan.

Wix Hotels

You can set a basic Wix Hotels site for free. If, on the other hand, you want premium features, you have to upgrade to a premium plan.

Wix Music

The basic setup of Wix Music is free. However, if you want to distribute music or take advantage of some extra features you have to – you guessed it right – upgrade to one of their premium plans.

Wix Video

Adding and setting up a Wix Video is free, but if you want premium features, you have to upgrade.

Wix Bookings

You can also run your site with booking functionalities. To find out all the pricing and feature options, check out the image below:

Wix Booking plans

Phewwww - there was a lot to cover. At least you know right now, that you can create a variety of different sites with Wix. If you want any premium features with your sites, you have to upgrade. This increases the price that you pay monthly for your website.

But there is more to be aware of when it comes to Wix pricing, and that’s something we are going to check out next.

5 Things You Didn’t Necessarily Know about Wix Pricing

There is much more depth to Wix pricing than what you see on the pricing page. These are the observations I have learned with Wix:

1. The prices you see on the pricing page are annual prices. In other words, the price you see is not based on the month-to-month billing cycle.

To see the real month-to-month pricing, you have to click the Select button on the pricing page. You are then taken to another page where you see your pricing options:

Wix Pricing - Select button
Wix Pricing - Checkout page

2. Prices exclude VAT. The amount of VAT depends on the country you live in.

3. Seeing all the plans and their prices is not necessarily the most straightforward task in the world.

For instance, if you want to check out the available Store plans, you’ll do that through your admin dashboard (you’ll see the Stores button if you have added the app to your account):

Wix dashboard

Then you click the Upgrade button:

Wix dashboard - Upgrade button

You then get to see the available Store plans that Wix has:

Wix Pricing - Ecommerce plans

4. Some premium apps have recurring billing. So, adding those to your site can increase the monthly costs of your site.

5. You can’t run multiple unique domains on the same plan. 

For instance, if you have three domains, and you want to use all those three domains on three different sites, you have to purchase three separate plans.

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But Wait ... There is Even More to Wix Pricing!

Google G Suite

There is one service that Wix doesn't offer out of the box, and that's email accounts. Rather, they have paired with Google and offer email accounts through G Suite:

On the other hand, with the price you are paying on a monthly basis, you are getting a hassle-free tech environment with customer support, all the necessary security patches installed and other maintenance tasks done for you.
Wix G Suite information

At the time of writing, the prices of these mailboxes were between 4 and 5 euros:

Wix GSuite checkout page


You can register a new domain through Wix. Then again, the pricing varies quite a bit, whether you buy the domain through them or an independent seller like NameCheap.

For instance, if I wanted to buy an imaginary domain, TimosCooking.com, this is how much it costs through Wix:

Wix Domains

On the other hand, if I buy the domain through NameCheap, this is how much I end up paying:

Buy a domain through NameCheap

This makes me think that I should buy domains elsewhere, and then get them transferred to Wix.

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Wix pricing has plenty of “moving elements”. Many things affect how much you end up paying per month (what plan you choose; are you running an online shop or not).

Also, one might argue that Wix prices are high, especially when compared to another popular option: running a self-hosted WordPress site. This may be the case, although you can spend a whole deal of money on the WordPress platform too (consider hosting, premium themes, plugins, support, etc.).

Then again, it’s worth remembering that Wix is running a business, not a charity. In other words, they have to pay their developers to develop new features, pay their support personnel, and invest in infrastructure.

You Subscribed to Wix - Now What?

If you are new to Wix, you could be overwhelmed.


Because you have so many options to choose from when building a website with Wix. Yes, the platform is very powerful, but the learning curve can also be steep at times.

Therefore I have created a FREE, 9-part Wix bonus video series, which tackles the most important topics when building a website with Wix.

This bonus material contains over 2 hours of video and I haven't published them anywhere!

The video you'll get are:

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  • Working with Wix Editor
  • Working with Wix Templates
  • How to Install and Manage Wix Apps
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23 thoughts on “Wix Pricing: Some Things Might Surprise You!”

  1. I have a premium website with Wix; however, I want to add a store. Do I have to pay extra to add a store since I am already a premium member? If you can’t answer, please point me in the right direction for this answer.

    • Hi Audrey!

      This, of course, depends on your premium plan.

      But looking at the pricing table that Wix provides, you need a separate plan.

      But … let me investigate this first and then get back to you!


      • I got this confirmed from Wix: you need to upgrade a store plan if you want to run a store (even if you already have a premium plan).

        If you need more information, please contact Wix support for more details.


  2. hello sir…i want to know whether by upgrading to e-commerce plan will my site be able to collect payments from my customers…truly as you said wix plans are a lot confusing…i make a note of it that i am not talking of a business solution plan,,rather an ecommerce plan,…thanks

  3. Just be careful with Wix. I renewed and signed up for the Basic Store this past Spring. This plan includes a “free domain for a year”. I just received an email today stating that my domain is about to expire. My plan is good until June of 2019.

    So, long story short…pay attention to your billing with them!! They tried to do this to me a few years ago when I first signed up. They were going to close my site unless I renewed. I sent all my info over and they said, “Sorry.” That’s it. I really would go somewhere else but getting them to release my domain is a pain in the rear and I hate the thought of redesigning everything again. Ugh.

    Be careful!

    • Hi Bethany!

      Thanks for letting me know!

      Sometimes they do mistakes and you have to be alert.

      But great to hear that they didn’t charge you for nothing!

      I normally use the external registrar like NameCheap to register my domains. It’s actually cheaper that way.


  4. Hi,

    What’s the difference between the E-Commerce Plan and Basic Store Plan?

    Can’t I run my online store using just the e-commerce plan?


    • Hi!

      Both allow you to run your store.

      The differences are for instance how much storage you can have, whether you wan’t VIP support and so on.


  5. What is the price of an app? In the app store the price is listed as free or premium starting at $2.50 USD. If that is a starting price… what is the limit? what is the billing cycle? what factors go into calculating a price for an app?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Frank!

      As an example, Wix Forms is a free/premium app and its starting price means two things.

      First, you pay the amount on a monthly basis. In this case, the starting price is 4 USD and that’s what you pay every month.

      Then, the final price of the app is dependent on the features you want. In the case of Wix Forms, there are different pricing levels: https://support.wix.com/en/article/wix-forms-premium-plans.

      However, even that page doesn’t tell you the final price… let me ask about this and get back to you.

      So the more features you want, the more you end up paying each month.

      In my opinion, all these pricing-related things should definitely be more clear, so that it would be easy for us consumer to know how much we end up paying 🙂


      • Hi Frank!

        What app are you about to purchase?

        In the case of Wix Forms, I had to add the app first to my site.

        Then, when I selected the app in the editor, I clicked to Crown icon (the upgrade button), to see the various prices of that particular app.

        Perhaps this same approach works with your app as well.

        Here are the steps I took with Wix Forms: https://support.wix.com/en/article/upgrading-wix-forms


  6. Hey! I have a quick question: I want to build a not-for-profit site similar to GoFundMe and Meal Train. Eventually I would like it to be able to handle a lot of daily traffic (thousands) although intially, obviously, it would be slower. Users would each have their own account and a small database of subscribers to their page. They would need to be able to edit their page and send out emails/texts to their subscribers. Each user account would be active for under a year. Does this sound like a function I could get out of a Wix premium plan? Thank you for your expertise. I’m not a techie person.

    • Hi Louise!

      So this would be a membership site (at least kind of?)

      To be honest, I’m not 100 percent sure if this is possible with Wix.

      I mean, they do have all the individual components available you mentioned (edit your pages, create email campaigns …), but putting all this together and available on user basis is something I’m not sure of.

      If you want, I can ask this further.


  7. Hello
    This is a really good article for us. keep it up, it’s suggesting from me, if you are creating video content on this article then it will be very helpful for beginners. if you are interested please our website checks it thank you so much.

  8. Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of any widgets I
    could add to my blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates.
    I’ve been looking for a plug-in like this for
    quite some time and was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something like this.

    Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look
    forward to your new updates.

  9. Hi. I have my domain with WIX and on 15 February 2018, upgraded to a Basic Premium Plan.

    To cut a long story short, I didn’t know they were going to take my renewal premium before my renewal date (15 February 2019), and had actually been in two minds about whether or not to renew, due to serious illness, which has prevented me from using the online store aspect.

    I have just seen my credit card statement and been gobsmacked, so I have tried to find out from Wix if they will refund my money, as I purchased the plan BEFORE 1 July 2018 (they have brought in renewal 14 days before your actual renewal date for plans purchased after 1 July 2018), but I am still waiting for a response from them and it is now 12th February!

    There is no information on their website at all regarding non renewal and refund of money taken early for those who purchased before 1 July 2018, so I would welcome any advice you can give me.

    If I go ahead and cancel now, will they keep my money?? I don’t think they are legally entitled to have taken it before my renewal date, with me having purchased it before 1 July 2018.


    • Hi Vivien!

      Please try to contact them again, by sending a support ticket.

      At this point they have the best information on your case, and whether you are eligible for a refund or not.


  10. Hi Timo,

    Thanks for all the help on your site. I am about to purchase a premium plan but you had mentioned it is best to buy the domain name from “NameCheap” rather than Wix. Having said that, how easy is it then to create my site content with Wix and put it up on that new domain name? Do I buy the domain name from NameCheap and then have it “Transferred to Wix”? I am not sure, any help would be appreciated…


    • Hi DJ!

      You are welcome 🙂

      It should be easy, and it’s like what you said.

      Once you register your domain through NameCheap (and you have a premium plan from Wix), you’ll have to update the name server information on NameCheap’s end (see this URL what Wix’s name server IP addresses (ones starting with ns6/ns7) are: https://support.wix.com/en/article/dns-records-needed-to-connect-your-domain-to-wix).

      Actually, I’m in a process of writing an article regarding this topic, and how to register a domain through NameCheap. It should be ready next week.


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