WordPress as a Static Website: What? Why? How?

Creating an effective website is becoming easier day by day thanks to various content management systems (CMS) available today. These systems differ in their functionality. Both web developers and end-users consider WordPress to be the most popular one due to its useful characteristics. 

For instance, you may easily add new pages to the website or update them. There is a wide choice of plugins to make the website even more functional.

This is a guest post by Lana Miro.


People mostly take advantage of the WordPress platform to start a blog. However, it is also suitable for building a static website. WordPress is a user-friendly platform. Thus, everyone can create a perfect WordPress static website for a particular business. 

What Does a WordPress Static Website Look Like?

Unlike dynamic websites, a static website is the one that contains a fixed content. It means that any visitor who gets access to the website sees the same information.

Any WordPress static website includes a definite number of pages with the fixed format of displaying the content. The content, in its turn, consists of different texts and images. It is also possible to add various multimedia elements to the pages.

WordPress static websites have a lot of advantages.

First of all, it is easy to create and manage such a website. What is more, there is no need to generate the dynamic content, as in the case with the dynamic website. Thus, the static website boasts a fast performance.

Furthermore, it is more difficult to hack this website than the dynamic one. 

Who Will Benefit from a WordPress Static Website?

The main purpose of building a static website is to inform clients about something or share some information.

For example, this is the Homepage of the website of a family-owned carryout company.

Sample 1

A visitor may get the key message about the company and the services it provides. In case somebody wants to know more, there is a History page describing the story of creating the company.

Sample 2

Here is one more example of a company that offers web development services. 

Sample 3

On the About page, you will find the main advantages of working with them. 

If you produce or sell products, WordPress static website will also be a good option for your business.

Describe the main information about your company on the Homepage, present the benefits you provide to clients, and create a separate page showcasing the items you deal with.

Sample 4

This is the website of a hi-tech, engineering group that offers different products shown on a relevant static page. 

As you see, static websites are also functional if you build them, considering the goals of your business. Here comes the question of how to create the one to promote your products or services. 

How to Create a WordPress Static Website? 

The process is easier than it may seem at first sight. First of all, it is necessary to create a Homepage of your website. To do this, open the Dashboard and find the Page tab on the left navigation bar.

How to Create 1

Click the Add New. Pay attention to the point that you have to create two new pages. 

How to Create 2

First, click the Add New button and enter the title of the first page. Let it be Home or Homepage

How to Create 3

You may also add some text in the field below, either about your company or something like that.

How to Create 4

The next step is to click, Publish button, and the first page is ready.

How to Create 5

Then it is necessary to click Add New again to create the second page. 

How to Create 6

The procedure is the same. Enter the title page, let it be Posts, and click the Publish button.

How to Create 7

WordPress creates all the pages as the blog ones. To make your Homepage a static one, the following steps are required.

Go to the Setting tabs on the left navigation bar and find the Reading subtab. 

How to Create 8

You see that your front page or Homepage is displayed in Your latest posts format. Thus, click A static page and select Home for your front page and Posts for your Posts page. Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button.

How to Create 9

Now you have the Front Page or Homepage for your website that is a static page and a Posts page that may contain different posts and function as a blog page. 

To create other static pages for your website, it is necessary to repeat the procedure and add as many pages as you may need.

Powerful Themes for a WordPress Static Website 

A website performs its functions and attracts clients if it is eye-catchy and stylish. Thus, you have created static pages for your website.

Now it is time to customize it using a corresponding WordPress theme. There is a wide choice of themes that can help you make your website awesome. Let’s pay attention to some of them. 



Monstroid2 is a stunning multipurpose WordPress theme that is suitable for any type of business. Its key features are the following:

  • A variety of skins to choose from;

  • A library of pre-made pages and sections to use to your advantage;

  • A responsive Elementor Page Builder that allows creating and modifying the pages in real time;

  • Different plugins to add functionality to the website.



Innomerce is a minimal but unique WordPress theme designed especially for business. It contains all the necessary features to build a powerful website:

  • Ready-made pages to make the website customization process as easy as it may be;
  • The Elementor Page Builder to add the pages or sections you may need;
  • JetElements plugin to make your website even more efficient;
  • Relevant images of excellent quality provided as a special bonus.



Creatik is a multipurpose WordPress theme that will help you highlight the creativity and uniqueness of your business. Its unsurpassed design will leave nobody indifferent. Besides it, the theme has other features, such as:

  • Pre-built sections to present your company, services, work, and team;
  • A separate blog section to share the latest news from your company or industry you work in;
  • A fully-responsive layout to let your clients get comfortable access to the website from any device. 

Richard Gore

Richard Gore

If you need a website to demonstrate your writer’s portfolio, Richard Gore is a perfect solution. The WordPress theme offers the following:

  • Pre-made pages to describe your biography, showcase the bestsellers, or announce the upcoming events;
  • Different plugins to make the website more functional. For instance, the package includes JetElements, JetThemeCore, and others;
  • Google Fonts already integrated into the theme to make the website more attractive due to the advanced typography. 

PR Agency

PR Agency

PR Agency is a black-and-white WordPress theme that is a good option to create a website for any agency. You will appreciate the following features:

  • Elegant pages, among which you will find the Homepage, Works, Sectors, Culture, News, and Contacts;
  • More than 50 extra widgets to choose from and add to the website, using the Elementor Page Builder;
  • A variety of Jet plugins;
  • An installation wizard to set up the theme in one click.

Wrapping Up

It is possible to take advantage of the WordPress CMS to create not only a blog but also an effective static website.

Such websites are suitable for announcing informational projects. They may also help you promote different products and services.

It is not so challenging to create a WordPress static website. However, it is important to choose an appropriate theme with an outstanding design to customize it properly.